Elderly couple gifted puppy by stranger after their dog is killed in brutal attack

As one elderly couple took their usual daily walk with their sweet 3-year-old Chihuahua, Gucci, they could not have imagined the horror that lay ahead.

As they walked under the palm trees near their south Florida home Miguel and Ada Rojas felt relaxed by their usual morning stroll.

But the couple, who are both nearly 90 years old, were forced to endure a horrific situation when two stray dogs came bounding toward them – their target was sweet little Gucci.

Attack left couple hospitalized

The dogs went straight for the tiny Chihuahua and all the couple could do was try to separate them.

However, the stray dogs were too powerful to fight off and despite sustaining their own injuries in trying to defend their pooch, Gucci was killed.


Ada was left needing 100 stitches and Miguel had to be rushed to hospital suffering with a heart attack brought on by the stress of it all.

The couple were left heartbroken at their loss; their story even made the local news.

‘This broke my heart’

Mario Cambo saw the tragic story of the West Miami couple and was compelled to do something to help them.

“I saw the story yesterday and right away I said I needed to do something and I did something because this broke my heart,” Mario said, as per iheart dogs.

Elderly Couple Gifted Puppy After Pet Chihuahua Killed By Dogs ...

He visited Wee Puppy Paws Kennel of Homestead, Florida, and bought a puppy for the couple. When Lynn Broderick, from the organization, heard why he was buying the dog she even sold it to him for half price.

“It just broke my heart,” Lynn said, “and I wanted to do something.”

Mario then surprised the couple with their new furry friend with the help of the couple’s daughter.


Miguel sobbed when he saw the new puppy and said he was so happy they had a new puppy to love but was still grieving for his sweet Gucci.

“We felt Gucci’s death very, very deep. And this dog is going to make us continue to live,” said Ada.

“They are family,” Ada said of their new sweet hound. “They are not animals. They are family.”

What a wonderful gesture to help this couple heal after such a horrific experience.

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