Eager dog gets out and walks herself all the way to doggy day care

Eager dog gets out and walks herself all the way to doggy day care

Sometimes dogs wander off on their own, but luckily they have incredible senses and are often able to find their way back.

But sometimes instead of making their way home, they go to a different familiar place, like a lost dog who walked to her vets office for help.

Now we have another story that shows that dogs know how to get around on their own.

Marty Carriere works at Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa in Winnipeg. Early Saturday morning, he arrived at work and opened up the doggy day care—and noticed that one of his clients had arrived early.

A shepherd mix named Jem was at the door, sticking her nose through the gate, waiting to be let in. Oddly, she was not with her owners.


“It was 6:30ish when I saw her nose poking through the gate there,” Marty told The Dodo. “She was just poking around out there.”

While it was unusual, he was still happy for the company and let the dog in early. I was like, ‘Come on in, Jem. Let’s play,’” Marty said.

“I opened up the door and she ran right in — tail wagging and she was ready to go.”


He then called up Jem’s owners, who realized that Jem had gotten herself loose from home that morning and wandered off.

It was apparent that Jem was just eager to get to doggy day care, and decided she didn’t want to wait for her owners to wake up. Remarkably, the dog knew exactly how to get there and walked on her own.

Marty says that Jem definitely enjoys herself at the resort, and loves playing with the other dogs: “She gets in and starts howling right away, she’s just so excited to be here.”

Jem’s owners picked her up and gave her breakfast, but, seeing how eager their dog was to be at doggy day care, dropped her off again to spend the day.

The adorable video of Jem arriving on her own went viral, with many commenting that it was great publicity for the day care.

“You know you are doing something right when dogs start showing up by themselves!” one person wrote on Instagram.

It’s a story that shows how smart and independent dogs can be, and how day cares can earn a dog’s love and trust!

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