Dumped dog runs after owner’s truck

To come to the painful decision of having to surrender your pet to a shelter because you can no longer look after it is one thing but dumping your pet in the street and then driving off has to be the cruelest act.

One woman witnessed a heartbreaking scene when she saw a dog being abandoned in the street out of a truck forcing the confused and frightened animal to run after his owner’s vehicle.

Kat Jaroensuk was riding her motorcycle when she saw a silver pick-up stop and dump their dog in Pattaya, eastern Thailand.

The dog then chased after his owner’s vehicle in a desperate attempt to not lose them.

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Kat said she caught up with the driver to let him know his dog was chasing him and she claims the passenger then wound down the window and told them that they “did not want him,” according to the Daily Mail.

The saddened witness then started recording the dog chasing after the pick-up truck, which was crammed with belongings leading Kat to believe they were moving.

Ran until his legs were sore

“I didn’t know how long this poor dog had been running after the car but I could see that he was running so fast that his legs were sore,” Kat said, as per the Daily Mail.

“I honked at the truck to get their attention, but the driver did not seem to slow down. So, I accelerated my motorbike to knock on the window and told the couple inside that they were being followed by the dog.

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Viral Press/YouTube

“At first, I was being positive and helpful, because I really thought that they might really not know about it. 

“But when the wife replied me ‘yeah, we don’t want it’ and shut the window right in front of my face, then I knew that they intentionally left their own pet behind.”

‘Terrible condition’

Kat said she was so worried about the abandoned animal who ran, in vain, after his owner’s truck until his legs were sore.

“I was very sad and afraid for him. He could have been hit and killed by a car. If you know you can’t raise a pet at the first place, you shouldn’t leave him in a terrible condition like this.”

Watch the heartbreaking moment in the clip below.

I can’t believe that people are this cruel. If you open your home to an animal you have to be prepared to do everything you can to look after it.

I hope this dog is okay. Please share!