Dozer, one of the biggest cows in the world, dies after tragic accident – rest in peace

Dozer was a contender for world’s biggest cow title, a title originally reserved for an Australian cow called Knickers.

In 2018 Knickers made headlines around the world for his sheer size. The cow, or should I say steer, is 6 ft tall and weighs over 3,000 pounds.

But a challenger then entered the ring by the name of Dozer, a 6ft 5 inch-tall steer living in Manitoba, Canada.

But last month the farm where Dozer lived for two years reported the sad news that Dozer has passed.

A post from Kismet Creek Farm posted a picture of the bull, whose job it was to steer young cows, with a heart drawn around him.

‘Exemplary ambassador’

“Dozer touched thousands of lives in his seven years on earth,” the post read.

“He showed people that cows/steers are someone, not something. Many people told us meeting Dozey helped them become vegetarian or vegan. He was an exemplary ambassador for his species, and his story affected countless hearts.”

Dozer the steer/Facebook

According to the post Dozer was saved from the slaughterhouse by “an incredible woman who had fallen for him when he was a baby.”

She didn’t have room for him so he ended up on Kismet Creek Farm, a sanctuary for rescued and rehomed farm animals.

Describing Dozer as a “gentle giant” who they had “two incredible years” with, farm owners said the cow got stuck on his side for a lengthy period of time. When they managed to get him up and call the vet, “suddenly Dozer’s overworked heart just gave out.”

Kismet Creek Farm

He died on August 18 surrounded by “the people who loved him most,” who “were holding his head as he crossed the bridge, and his cow family were right there too,” the post read.

“We miss our big handsome boy every day, and adjusting to life without him is rough. But our two years together were full of amazing moments and we will treasure those memories forever.”

They added that Dozer didn’t make it into the record books as the biggest cow as an ox in Italy measures 6ft 6 inches tall, making Dozer the second biggest cow.

I’m glad Dozer enjoyed a loving and safe home toward the end of his life.

Rest in peace gentle giant Dozer. Please share.