Dolphins save helpless dog from drowning – after several hours in water

An 11-year-old dog named Turbo wandered from his home on Marco Island, Florida, late one Sunday night in December. He was probably exploring his neighborhood, maybe chasing a cat or looking for snacks in a trash can.

But the evening didn’t turn out as Turbo had imagined. Suddenly, he fell into a canal and couldn’t get out. The water was deep and there was nowhere for Turbo to get a foothold. He started sinking and probably thought his last moment had come.

But then help came from an unexpected source.

Turbo had been missing for 15 long hours. His owner, Cindy Burnett, said that her dog escaped after she accidentally left the gate to the house open, according to NBC News.


Cindy and her son desperately searched for Turbo. They drove around the area and called for him for almost six hours.

Fighting for his life

While Cindy was looking, Turbo was fighting for his life. There was no one nearby and no one heard him yelping from the water. All the while, he was losing strength.


Then suddenly, a group of dolphins appeared. Marco Island is located just off the coast of Southwestern Florida and dolphins sometimes swim in the canals that wind through the city.

The dolphins had discovered Turbo and grew curious about him. It was like they realized he needed their help.

They had no way of pulling the dog out of the water. But there was another thing they could do: make noise.


The dolphins circled Turbo and splashed loudly in the water. Maybe they were just having fun — or maybe they knew that making noise would attract people to the spot.

Threw herself into the water

It didn’t take long before some people heard the dolphins and went for a closer look. Then they saw Turbo. Soon, a woman threw herself in the water and pulled up the dog.

By the time he was back on shore, Turbo had been missing for 15 hours.

Turbo was reunited with owner and was doing well, considering the circumstances. But if it hadn’t been for the dolphins, he probably would’ve drowned in the cold water.

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***Note: dog and dolphin in image on Facebook are not the same as in this story. Used for illustration purposes only.

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