Dogs shot 50 times with pellet gun now on the road to recovery thanks to rescuers

It’s heartbreaking how cruel some people can be towards animals, but thankfully there are also kind people who will show these abused creatures the love and care they need.

That’s the case for two dogs, who are now recovering after being shot 50 times with a pellet gun.

According to a Facebook post from Paw Patrol Rescue, two dogs named Violet and Harley were rescued in Cleveland, Texas, both of whom were shot by a “high powered 20 gage pellet gun.”

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Facebook/Paw Patrol Rescue

Both dogs were shot over 50 times at close range by the unknown assailant. The perpetrator also reportedly stomped on Harley’s leg to break it in half.

Everyone was shocked by the cruelty these dogs faced, but the priority now was saving their lives and helping them recover from their injuries. The dogs were taken in by 716 Paws Rescue, where vets addressed their serious medical issues.

Harley had a perineal hernia on both sides of his hind end, and had two undergo two surgeries. He also required several blood transfusions due to a plummeting red blood cell count.

Violet also needed two surgeries, and her leg had to be amputated.

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Facebook/Paw Patrol Rescue

But despite all she’s been through, Violet’s doctors say that she has been in surprisingly good spirits.

“People behave worse with a stubbed toe than she does with these sorts of things,” Dr. Arezue Shokrollahi, aka Dr. Zoo, of 716 Rescue told KTRK. “I think she’s just very grateful to get attention, love and to trust somebody.”

The vet said that while Violet was understandably scared around people at first, she’s warmed up to her rescuers.

“She was a bit head shy, kind of ducking away when people would put their hand near her face or head, now she’s ducking into them for pets.”

According to KTRK, Violet will undergo another surgery and hopefully be fully recovered by December, and will then start looking for her forever home.

Harley, meanwhile, has also been recovering. Paw Patrol Rescue said he’s been struggling with a cough, but is “doing good” — his bloodwork has improved and he’s been taken off IV — and will soon go to a medical foster.

As the dogs thankfully recover from this traumatic ideal and look forward to a better tomorrow, authorities are still searching for the person who attacked them.

Paw Patrol Rescue wrote that another dog’s face was “almost sawed in half” after an attack in the same area, but it’s unclear yet if the cases are connected.

“Please let the right people know if you know anyone who is doing this to animals. You can report them anonymously,” they wrote.

It’s a sad reminder of how cruel people can be towards animals: “They don’t see animals as feeling, living, breathing, emotional creatures, and treat them like things, so maybe they are destructive towards them for that reason,” Dr. Zoo told KTRK.

We hope the person who abused these dogs so terribly is caught and faces justice. But most of all we’re happy that Violet and Harley are alive and recovering in good spirits, despite what they went through.

We are wishing these poor dogs a speedy recovery and loving new homes soon — they deserve them ❤️

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