Dog with deformed hind legs who gets thrown out of moving car makes incredible recovery

Disabled animals deserve to be in a loving and caring environment where their needs are met and they feel safe.

Bambi is a Cocker Spaniel cross breed who was born with severely dislocated kneecaps that left her with deformed hind legs.

She was given the nickname ‘mermaid’ as her legs created the shape of a fish tail.

But sadly whoever was lucky enough to have such a special dog did not give her the care and respect she deserved.

According to British newspaper the Metro, she was thrown from a moving vehicle and left for dead, as if her life was worth less because she wasn’t “normal.”

Bambi was discovered by a dog warden, malnourished, filthy, and covered in painful sores and was taken to the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) rescue center in Watford, UK,

She was diagnosed with a severe bilateral patellar luxation which means she also had difficulty bearing weight on her legs so had trouble jumping and was barely able to walk.

The NAWT launched a fundraising campaign for Bambi so she could get the operation she needed to run, jump and play again.

Bambi has finished all her treatment and today she officially became one of the Spencer gang. 17 months of surgeries and…

Posted by Carol Spencer on Monday, January 27, 2020

She was even referred to a specialist clinic Hamilton Specialist Referrals where Specialist veterinary orthopedic surgeon, Dr Michael Hamilton performed the corrective surgery at a discounted rate.

Following two successful surgeries to re-align her kneecaps – Bambi is now pain free and able to run, jump and play.

She has even found the loving forever home she so deserves with her former foster carer, Carol Spencer.

Bambi reunited with Lesley who rescued her. So lovely for Lesley to see how far she's come.

Posted by Carol Spencer on Friday, November 2, 2018

“Bambi has always had such an enormous love for life even when she was suffering. ‘She has fought so hard for her recovery and she went through it all with a wagging tail,” Carol told the Metro.

“Finally, she can live the happy, carefree life every dog deserves. You only have to look at her happy little face to see how much she appreciates everything that has been done for her.”

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Posted by Carol Spencer on Thursday, November 7, 2019

I cannot fathom the abuse an animal suffers at the hands of humans. Why this person couldn’t have just surrendered her to a shelter I will never know.

Thank goodness for the animal heroes who were all part of putting this sweet dog’s life back together again. Help us wish Bambi a happy future by sharing this story.