Dog who was thought to be permanently paralyzed learns to walk again: ‘He is a miracle’

All dogs deserve a good family, especially dogs with disabilities. While many adopters overlook special needs rescue dogs, some kind people take them in and give them the love and help they need, no matter what.

And that love can be a powerful thing. Sometimes miracles happen, and with the right care and support their lives can completely change.

That was the case for one dog, who made a miraculous, unexpected recovery after being disabled in a car accident.

Alfie, a Rottweiller mix, was left paralyzed from the mid-back down after being hit by a car as a puppy. He was taken to Gulf Coast Humane Society, who fitted him for a cart because his hind legs no longer worked.

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Despite the severe injury, they say that Alfie never lost his spirit. “He came into GCHS wagging his tail and making everyone he met very happy,” the Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

“He took to his cart right away without a pause and his rehab journey began.”

As Alfie adjusted to his new wheels, his friends at the Humane Society began looking for a forever home for him. They needed to find someone who would be willing to care for all of Alfie’s mobility needs for the rest of his life.

Thankfully, a perfect person would soon come into Alfie’s life. Michele Bell, the owner of Happy Tails Pet Salon in Bonita Springs, Florida, was touched by Alfie’s story, and was eager to take him home.

She had a special, personal connection to Alfie’s condition because she has a brother who is paralyzed and disabled, according to NBC2.

“It’s hard. It’s a hard life, but it can still be a good life,” she told NBC2.

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As Alfie’s new owner, Michele gave him all the love and care he needed — and even began to look for ways to improve his condition.

However, things seemed bleak. Specialists told her that Alfie would likely be paralyzed forever, and it might even be best to have the dog’s legs amputated.

But Michele kept searching for an answer. She got Alfie different forms of physical therapy to help his legs. A friend recommended electroacupuncture — while Michele says she was “skeptical,” she says she was willing to try it as a last-ditch effort.

“Let’s just try, because nothing else is working right now,” she recalls thinking.


Little did she know just how well the therapy would work. Soon, she saw an immediate result that left her stunned.

Michele returned home, and found Alfie standing on his own four legs.

“He was standing there wagging his tail like this is how he’s always been,” Michele told NBC2. “And it was just absolute shock, absolute joy.”

To her amazement, Alfie could walk again. She credits his stunning turnaround to the electroacupuncture treatment.

“He is a miracle.”

Alfie could walk again, so well that Michele donated his cart back to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Alfie’s old friends were stunned by how much his life had turned around since he left them.

“Every time a shelter animal is adopted, it’s new happiness and joy brought to its new furever family,” GCHS wrote on Facebook. “Miracles also do happen when shelter animals find their new homes. Alfie is one of those miracles.”

Every time a shelter animal is adopted, it's new happiness and joy brought to its new furever family. Miracles also do…

Posted by Gulf Coast Humane Society on Monday, January 25, 2021

We’re so glad that Alfie can walk again. It’s a true miracle, and it’s all thanks to the loving people who never gave up on him.

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