Dog who was shot twice finds a new home as attacker goes to prison

It’s truly heartbreaking how cruel some people can be to dogs, but thankfully justice often prevails in the end.

Like one German Shepherd, who suffered two gunshots to the head last year but has since made an inspiring recovery. Now, he has a loving new home as his shooter goes to prison.

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Facebook/State Attorney, Florida’s 7th Circuit

Last April, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, in Florida, responded to calls from citizens who heard the sound of gunshots and a dog barking and crying.

According to the department, deputies were dispatched to the home of Jamier Lee-Bright, and noticed that the 25-year-old was profusely sweating and had blood on his face. They also found a freshly-dug hole in his backyard.

Detectives got involved, and soon Lee-Bright confessed to shooting 1-year-old German Shepherd, Rocky, after the dog had bit his fiancee (the fiancee was reportedly uninjured and Rocky was not found to have any behavioral issues). He then dragged the dog outside and tried to cover up the evidence.

Rocky was “visibly in pain” and transported to Flagler Animal Hospital. He had reportedly been kept in a kennel for two hours after the gunshot.

“This is a sick and twisted individual to try and reprimand an animal and leave it to die,” Sheriff Rick Staly said in the department’s statement.

But thankfully, despite being shot and left to die, Rocky pulled through and survived. Police reported at the time that he was “doing well.” Lee-Bright was ordered to surrender the dog, but reportedly didn’t want to keep him anyway, calling Rocky “that f***ing dog.”

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Facebook/State Attorney, Florida’s 7th Circuit

Over a year later, there has been an update to Rocky’s story. According to the State Attorney’s office, Lee-Bright was sentenced to 18 months in Florida State Prison followed by 42 months of probation, after pleading to charges of Felony Cruelty to Animals and Tampering with Physical Evidence last month.

In addition to the prison sentence, Lee-Bright will also be placed on the animal abuse registry and is required to have no contact with any animals. He must also complete a mental health evaluation and forfeit his firearm.

Rocky, meanwhile, got a happy ending: he was reportedly adopted by a sheriff’s office employee, crime analyst Hayden Ore, and his wife. Rocky is living the life in his new home.

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Facebook/State Attorney, Florida’s 7th Circuit

“Thankfully Rocky is now living happily with Analyst Ore and his wife and no longer has to live in fear,” Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly said, according to KATU.

“It is miraculous that Rocky survived two gunshot wounds,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in a statement. “There is no doubt he suffered greatly. Rocky has a loving home and the defendant is behind bars. A fitting end to a disturbing crime.”

Justice prevailed — we’re so happy Rocky survived and has a great new home while his attacker is going to prison.

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