Dog who was shot in the head now recovering thanks to rescue

Dog who was shot in the head now recovering thanks to rescue

A dog who was left in critical condition after being shot in the head, apparently in an attempt to euthanize her, has been given a second chance after recovering with the help of an animal rescue.

On June 5, an 11-month-old female black dog showed up in the backyard of retired school teacher Steven Kanada. The dog seemed to have wandered from the highway with no owner in sight — and was visibly wounded.

“We found the dog in our yard and it drank a gallon of water, it was so thirsty,” Kanada said, according to Maui Now. “The dog was friendly so we took her inside.”

Realizing the dog needed more than water, Kanada rushed her to the Maui Humane Society. The dog had a shattered jaw, a hole in her temple and injuries on her body, the Humane Society says.

They found a .22 caliber bullet in her head, and realized she had been shot.

While it isn’t completely clear how the dog ended up in such poor shape, her carers think that the gunshot came from her owner, in a misguided and unnecessary attempt to euthanize her after the accident.

“We suspect that she was hit by a car and received injuries to her leg,” says MHS veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Fitzpatrick. “And we can only think that someone with the best intentions, however misguided, tried to ‘euthanize’ her by shooting her in the head.”

“Unfortunately this greatly added to her suffering and could have ended the life of a dog with a very treatable injury.”

But while the dog was badly wounded and was nearly put down, the vets realized she had an extraordinary resilience. They named her She Ra, after the cartoon character (and sister of He-Man) who is known as the “Princess of Power.”

“Her resiliency and determination to survive after being hit by a car and shot has definitely earned her the title ‘Princess of Power!'” the MHS wrote.

Over the past six weeks, She Ra has made an incredible recovery, thanks to all the love and care she has received.

As her wounds have healed, the She Ra’s bright personality has also begun to shine through over the past six weeks. Photos posted by the Humane Society show a happy, friendly dog.

“Throughout her recovery, she’s displayed the most loving, silly and happy disposition that one could imagine,” the Humane Society wrote.

Despite everything, She Ra has made a full recovery with no lasting health issues. The MHS says that she has been recovering with a foster mom, and will soon be put up for adoption.

“This bouncy puppy is now ready to find her forever home where she will continue to inspire others with her incredible story of hope and determination,” shelter officials told Maui Now.

She Ra’s recovery is an inspiring story, but the Humane Society says it’s all just part of their job.

“Emergency cases like She Ra’s are a common occurrence at the shelter,” they wrote. “When an animal shows up in need, we are there for them.”

We’re so glad that She Ra has made a full recovery! We hope she has an amazing life after getting a second chance thanks to her friends at the humane society.

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