Dog who was in shelter for 10 years finally finds her forever home

All dogs dream of having a loving home of their own, but some wait much longer than others. Sadly, some dogs go nearly their whole lives without ever having a home.

That was the case for one dog, who was in the shelter for 10 years — but now, she’s finally getting the good news she’s been waiting for.

Bean, an 11-year-old black lab mix, has been in the care of the Animal Refuge Center in North Fort Myers, Florida for the past decade. Despite the shelter’s best efforts, Bean has always struggled to find a home.

Part of the reason is that, unlike many labs, Bean is nervous around young children and preferred to be in a home with adults only. While that limited homing options, Bean was a loving and playful dog who likes going on walks and playing fetch, and the shelter knew that there was a perfect home for her somewhere.

Sadly, years went by with no takers. Bean was the shelter’s longest resident, and wondered if she would ever have a home of her own.

But recently, after a decade of waiting, Bean finally got some great news. A man named Larry Denmark saw her photo online and fell in love with the dog. He started visiting the shelter to spend time with her and they became fast friends.

Now, after spending nearly her whole life in the shelter, Bean has finally gone home: the Animal Refuge Center announced that she has a “forever foster home” with Larry.

“Thank you to the staff and volunteers that spent so much time getting Bean ready for this opportunity,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “We will miss her couldn’t be more excited to see Bean living her best life.”

It’s heartbreaking that Bean had to wait so long in the shelter, but we’re so glad she’s finally found a home!

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