Dog who was found abandoned in boarded-up dog house gets adopted by rescuer

It’s truly heartbreaking how some people treat animals: we’ve seen too many stories of dogs and cats being discarded and abandoned in terrible ways.

But thankfully, there are also people in the world willing to step up and give these pets the great homes they deserve. That was the case recently, after one dog who was found sealed in a wooden box was adopted by his rescuer.

In December, Feleciana Ramirez learned about a dog who had been found locked in a wooden dog house that had been abandoned by the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, News9 reported.

It was clear the dog had been intentionally abandoned and left for dead: the wooden shelter was sealed with a board and screws. Arriving on the scene, Feleciana got to work freeing the poor dog.

“I had a utility ax and I broke it open, peaked in it, and seen that he was in there,” Feleciana told the outlet. “I was surprised to find anything alive because he wasn’t whimpering. He wasn’t making any kind of noise.”

Thankfully, the dog was still alive. Feleciana took him to OKC Animal Welfare, and he soon ended up in the care of the nonprofit Mutts Misfits Animal Rescue Society.

“He was dumped near the river with no food or water for an unknown amount of time, just left to die,” Mutt Misfits wrote on Facebook. “There were scratch marks on the entrance from where he desperately tried to escape. His body is covered in scars and wounds. He is emaciated. He has suffered physically and emotionally, likely far longer than just his time in that box.”

“Despite all he’s endured, he is sweet and he is gentle,” they added.

The dog was placed in foster care with a woman named Kayla Wise. Kayla said that the dog, whom she named Karus, was “very scared” and “exhausted.” “His case is the worst that I’ve had in my home,” she told News9.

But over time, she says his condition has improved. He regained weight, and his personality started to shine. “He’s much more confident. Over the last five weeks, I’ve just watched his personality really come out,” she said.

As Karus recovered from his ordeal, Kayla began looking for a forever home for the dog — and soon found a perfect match: Karus has now been adopted by Feleciana Ramirez and her family!

It’s a very happy ending to the story, as Karus now has a loving home with the woman who saved his life. After everything he’s been through, it’s the home he deserves.

We’re so glad Karus has found a home! Thank you to Feleciana for rescuing this poor dog a second time! He deserves the best home after everything he’s been through.

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