Dog who was burned and thrown from truck gets adopted by his foster family

Dog who was burned and thrown from truck gets adopted by his foster family

It’s shocking how people can so carelessly abandon their dogs. We’ve seen too many stories of mistreated dogs ditched by their owners without a care for what happens to them.

Luckily, there are also kindhearted people in the world willing to step up and help these dogs, giving them a chance at a second life. That was the case for one dog, who was found badly burned after being thrown out of a car — but now he’s back on his feet and living his best life.

In June, a 7-month-old puppy was thrown out of a truck, and taken to a veterinarian’s office. The vets then called the Pittie Party of Central Florida, a foster-based dog rescue, to see if they could help the poor dog.

“She said that a dog was brought to their facility, and it was in a bad shape, he was burned, and he was thrown out of a vehicle,” Mayson Jones, the Assistant Director of the rescue, told FOX 35.

The rescue took the puppy in and named him Beans. According to FOX 35, he had third-degree burns down his back, apparently chemical burns. He also had road rash from being thrown out of the vehicle.

While Beans had to recover from the “horrors he recently went through,” his loving, affectionate personality also began to shine through while in their care.

“He’s a little guy and very playful,” Pittie Party wrote on Facebook, calling him their “sweet little burn baby.” “He will eventually be ready to jump and play. For now he needs to heal.”

Sadly, the person who threw Beans from the truck got away — the rescue says the “truck was moving too quickly,” and there isn’t any information on who Beans’ owner was.

But as Beans healed and recovered from the incident, the rescue looked forward to finding him a new home — a perfect forever home that would give this poor dog a second chance. They said they were looking for a home that would give Beans plenty of time and attention since he is still a puppy, and a home with other pets because he is so active and playful.

In the meantime, Beans was taken in by a foster family, the Robertsons.

Beans quickly made a big impression, especially on the kids, who had a great time playing with their new foster friend.

“He follows me around all the time,” 11-year-old Isaac Robertson told FOX 35. “Usually I play tug-of-war with him and his toy or I sit down and he’ll watch a movie with me.”

“I like how when you lay down, he doesn’t just lay beside you. He tries to lay on top of you and cuddle,” 13-year-old Nariya added.

After weeks of bonding with the Robertsons, the rescue still couldn’t find a perfect home for Beans.

But in the end, it turned out he had actually found his forever home after all: the Robertsons decided to adopt Beans! In an update to the story FOX 35 reported that the foster family “decided today that they would like to adopt him.”

While foster families usually only take in pets temporarily, sometimes they know it’s meant to be and decide to make it official. While this is sometimes called a “foster fail,” it’s clear this was a big win: Beans seems to be perfectly at home with his new family.

“Beanz wants everyone to know he is officially living his BEST LIFE!” Pittie Party wrote on Facebook.

“A few weeks ago he was known to most of you as our little burn baby… but now he is the happiest boy alive and loves to swim in the pool! He loves relaxing on a floatie… or on top of his foster mama.”

We’re so glad Beans found a perfect, loving forever home after going through such a heartbreaking ordeal. All dogs deserve to be loved.

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