Dog who was almost euthanized gets adopted by Seattle Mariners baseball team

Dog who was almost euthanized gets adopted by Seattle Mariners baseball team

All shelter dogs are just dreaming of the day a family will adopt them and give them a new home. But recently, one rescue dog got more than he could’ve ever dreamed of: he was adopted by a whole Major League Baseball team!

The Seattle Mariners announced over the weekend that they had added an adorable new player to their roster: a 4-year-old mixed Labrador named Tucker.

Join us in welcoming Tucker, a 4-year-old lab + retriever mix who has been adopted by the clubhouse from…

Posted by Seattle Mariners on Saturday, August 6, 2022

The rescue dog was adopted by the entire Mariners clubhouse from OkanDogs, a non-profit animal rescue in Okanogan County, Washington.

According to a news release from the MLB, Mariners manager Scott Servais, along with his wife Jill, has been volunteering with the rescue. The couple has been involved with animal rescues for over 30 years.

“He just got activated today and will be a great addition to our team,” Servais said about Tucker.

The team’s new recruit has quickly warmed the hearts of both fans and Mariners players. Photos posted to social media show the lucky dog getting some belly and head scratches from Mariners pitcher Erik Swanson, who we’re sure makes a great partner for a game of fetch.

It’s an amazing turnaround for a dog that was nearly put to sleep. Tom Short, president of OkanDogs, wrote in a Facebook post that Tucker swallowed a rock that was too big to pass, and his owners brought him to the vet to have him euthanized.

OkanDogs stepped up, covering the $2,500 cost of surgery, and the rock was successfully removed, allowing Tucker to go on to the big leagues.

According to the MLB, the plan to for the Mariners to adopt a dog had been in the works for over a year, but the logistics and a search for the right dog delayed their plans.

But once the team heard about Tucker, they knew he was the one.

“He got scouted very heavily,” Servais said. “We ran people in there, and we cross-checked them. Jack ran in there. We got big-time numbers on this dog. So he went high in the Draft. We’re happy to have him as a free-agent addition to our club. Really good. This guy will fetch and play with the guys all day long. You’ll see him out here running around the field here the next few days. He’s got the clubhouse covered right now.”

Tucker will reside with Jack Mosimann, the Mariners director of Major League operations. But really, he belongs to the whole team — and he’s got the best backyard any dog could ask for, the baseball field:

Tucker is now living the dream, but there are many dogs like him in shelters. You don’t have to be an MLB franchise to adopt a dog, and Servais hopes that Tucker’s story will inspire more people to rescue dogs.

“For people that are looking for dogs you can get any type of dog anywhere, it’s out there for your so adopt, don’t shop,” Servais said. “We’re just trying to bring awareness to rescues all over the state of Washington. There are dogs out there for everybody, and we hit a home run on this one.”

Tucker is settling in to his new surroundings, and will be there to root on the Mariners for many seasons to come as their friend and unofficial mascot.

“This little guy is great. Our players are excited about it. It’s a nice little distraction for them in the clubhouse. They love the little guy.”

What a heartwarming story. We’re so glad Tucker has a new home after nearly being euthanized — and with an entire baseball team! ⚾️

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