Dog who waited in shelter for nearly five years finally finds a home: 'I could not have asked for a better dog'

Dog who waited in shelter for nearly five years finally finds a home: ‘I could not have asked for a better dog’

There are so many dogs in shelters, and they are all dreaming of the same thing: the day they will find their forever home.

But sadly, it can take some longer than others. Some dogs are frequently passed over and have to wait months or even years to get adopted.

That was the case for one dog, who had to wait longer than any other dog in her shelter. But after five years, she’s finally found the perfect home.

Baby Girl has been looking for a home since December. She has been waiting patiently for 118 days! She is a beautiful 2…

Posted by Capital Humane Society on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Baby Girl, a Shepherd/Pit Bull mix, arrived at the Capital Humane Society, in Lincoln, Nebraska, in December 2017. While the staff worked hard to find a home for Baby Girl, it proved to be a challenge.

She arrived at the shelter because she didn’t get along well with other dogs, and needed to be the only dog in a preferably childless home.

Months passed, and soon Baby Girl became the longest-tenured dog in the shelter. While Baby Girl needed a certain kind of environment, and could be a little shy around humans, they didn’t understand why so many people passed over this beautiful dog.

286 days is how long Baby Girl has been waiting for her new home! She walked in our doors over 9 months ago in December 2017. Help us find Baby Girl a loving home by clicking the share button!

Posted by Capital Humane Society on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

“She can take a little bit to warm up but once she does she loves attention, sitting pretty for a treat, and being told she is adorable,” the shelter wrote in 2018. “She loves to run in figure 8’s, toss toys in the air, and is very smart.”

Despite all the efforts to get the word out about Baby Girl, years passed with no interest in giving her a home.

Baby Girl is looking for her new home where she has a special someone who can help her gain confidence! She is an…

Posted by Capital Humane Society on Monday, January 29, 2018

But recently — after nearly five years of waiting for a home — Baby Girl finally got adopted!

The Capital Humane Society recently announced that Baby Girl had her “Gotcha Day” in March, finally going to her new home — a moment they called “a big day for all of us.”

Along with that great news, they also shared a message from Baby Girl’s new owner, who says the dog has been thriving in her new home.

“Baby Girl has brought so much joy to my life,” the owner wrote, according to a Facebook post. “She loves her daily walks and going outside. She loves her yard and would rather be outside sunning herself than being inside any day! She can’t get enough belly rubs and she has to be touching me at all times.”

“She will lay her head on my leg and paw me until I pay attention to her. She absolutely loves going on car rides and sticking her head out the window to get fresh air,” she continued.

“Baby Girl has really settled into my home and bonded with me and my mom so well, I can’t imagine not having her in my life. She is very much a one person dog but doesn’t care about other people/dogs as long as she has her space … I could not have asked for a better dog.”

The new owner thanked the shelter for “taking such good care” of Baby Girl over the past few years. While it can’t be easy for the staff to say goodbye after all these years, Baby Girl has visited them a few times since being adopted, and they say she’s “happier than ever.”

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this wonderful dog who captured all of our hearts!”

Congratulations to Baby Girl on finally finding her forever home! No dog should have to wait that long to find a home, but we’re so glad Baby Girl’s long wait is finally over.

Thank you to the shelter for taking such good care of her over the years, and to Baby Girl’s new owner for adopting her!

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