Dog who spent 1,000 days in shelter gets heartwarming goodbye party after finally being adopted

Dog who spent 1,000 days in shelter gets heartwarming goodbye party after finally being adopted

All shelter dogs dream of finding their own loving home, but it takes some longer than others: some dogs wait months or even years before getting adopted.

One sweet dog waited over 1,000 days to find her home — but after her dream finally came true, her carers said goodbye in style.

Ginny, a 5-year-old female pit bull mix, was a stray before arriving at the Lexington Humane Society in December 2019. After no one claimed her she was put up for adoption, but finding her a new home proved to be difficult.

Ginny needed a home with no children or other animals, which limited her potential adopters. The shelter also indicated that her breed may have been a factor. Months passed by and Ginny was always passed over.

Despite everything, Ginny never lost hope. “Not many can tolerate life in a shelter for the amount of time that she has, but Ginny always prevailed, no matter what,” LHS wrote on Facebook.

The shelter said that Ginny received leash training, crate training and learned basic obedience

But after nearly three years in the shelter, Ginny’s dream finally true: she got adopted! “Ginny has finally met her perfect match,” LHS wrote. “Ginny has watched thousands of other animals come and go during her time with us, but today is HER day.”

Seeing one of their longest residents finally get adopted was a special moment for the LHS staff, so they decided to make a special occasion out of it: they threw a party for Ginny and her new owner, complete with balloons, cake, treats and lots of parting gifts for Ginny.

Staff members attended the party to say a last farewell to their old friend, and lined up and applauded as Ginny left the shelter for the final time.

“We are so grateful to have been able to provide Ginny with love, care, and support for these past couple of years,” LHS wrote. “We couldn’t be more excited for her, or more grateful to her new dad for choosing adoption as the best option and helping an animal in need. Today is Ginny’s day, and it’s the BEST DAY EVER!”

In another post, they shared a photo of Ginny’s old kennel, finally empty for the first time in nearly three years: “Ginny has left the building and will never have to live in this cage again!”

We’re so glad Ginny has been adopted after 1,000 days in the shelter! Enjoy your new home, Ginny!

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