Dog was heartlessly abandoned in the rain — but now she’s getting a new start

It’s heartbreaking to think that anyone would abandon their dog, but that’s the sad reality we live in. So many pets are heartlessly left behind without a second thought.

But these pets deserve love, care and a second chance. That’s the story of one dog who was abandoned in a crate in the rain, who has now found a great new home.

On January 9, the Humane Society of North Texas shared the story of a dog who had been left in a metal crate outside their building.

Video shows the dog’s former owner taking the dog out of her vehicle, leaving her in the pouring rain and driving off.

Screenshot/Humane Society of North Texas

“Another day, another abandoned dog,” the Humane Society wrote. While it was upsetting, they said the dog was safe, “scared but healthy.”

“THIS DOG DID NOT DESERVE TO BE THROWN AWAY LIKE TRASH!” they wrote. “It’s moments like these that remind us of how important our mission is to save, shelter, protect, and advocate for all animals in need in North Texas.”

They were committed to giving the sweet dog a new start, and said that she would be put up for adoption as soon as she was cleared by their vet.

Now, in an inspiring update, the dog has found her forever home!

According to WFAA, the abandoned pup, now named Mindy, has been adopted by a new owner. She’s finally in good hands and will no doubt receive the love she’s so long been denied.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would abandon their dog like this, but we’re so glad Mindy has found a great new home! Enjoy your new life, Mindy!

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