Dog walks into police station after owner’s arrest, convinces the police to let him go

A loyal dog will follow you anywhere, eager to have your back and be by your side.

One dog even followed his owner to an unlikely place: the police station, where his owner was being arrested… but it turned out the dog was there to bail him out!

The incident occurred this month in the Dominican Republic. A local man was arrested for violating the curfew put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

But as he was taken into custody, his loyal dog followed, running into the station.


Arriving at the station, the dog ran right up to his owner, who was in handcuffs.


The unexpected visitor’s display of loyalty to his owner clearly made an impression on the officers.

Not only did they let the dog stay, but they decided to release its owner from custody!

They removed his handcuffs, and the overjoyed dog jumped up on his owner.


It’s an unusual move to release someone because of their dog, but with a minor offense like this, the officers apparently decided it wasn’t worth separating the man and his dog.

“That dog came and they told me it was his, and that’s why I’m going to let him go,” said Colonel José Francisco De La Cruz Mercedes, according to local media. “[It’s] The first time I have handed over a prisoner to a dog.”

Watch the video below:

Just another reason to love dogs: they’re always there to bail you out!

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