Dog traumatized after mauling: Overcomes his fears thanks to a little help from his friend

When Arnold the Weimaraner dog was viscously assaulted, he was just a pup.

The pooch, from Perth, Australia, was left so traumatized by his ordeal that he became scared of other dogs.

Arnold’s owner Carolyn Manalis knew something had to be done so introduced emotional support dog Frank to her household to help her terrified hound.

What she didn’t know is just how close the two would become and now they are best friends who do everything together.

Frank is a miniature Dachshund so wasn’t intimidating to Arnold and thanks to his friendly and sweet nature Arnold has been able to overcome his anxiety.

“Frank has helped Arnold regain his confidence to be able to play and wrestle, whilst learning that this doesn’t always mean he’s going to get hurt or attacked,” she said, as per the Metro newspaper.

“Having a little friend to play with has been the perfect therapy for Arnold to heal.”

While Frank’s sassy nature has helped to bring his big best friend out of his shell, Arnold has been able to take on a parenting role, showing Frank how things are done around his new home.

“We swear Frank thinks Arnold is his Dad,” Carolyn added.

“Being the second child, he definitely didn’t get as much training and attention as the first. Most of what he has learnt, he has learnt from Arnold.

“Frank copies everything Arnold does, to the point where if Arnold barks or makes a sound, Frank will mimic it directly after, almost like a parrot!

“Arnold taught Frank how to be house trained, how to bark at intruders, how to chase a ball, how to stand and wait to have his collar and leash put on, how to sit and wait before crossing the road. Everywhere Arnold walks, Frank will follow.

“The bond these two dogs have is just insanely beautiful. They are so connected and loving and supportive of one another.”

The dogs even have their own Instagram page which has more than 10,000 followers and charts their adventures together.

I love how much Arnold has healed thanks to his miniature friend Frank. These two are just the most adorable duo.

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