Dog tied to a car and dragged along a busy street because there was ‘no space for it in the car’

Animal abuse comes in many forms and so many times the perpetrator doesn’t think they are doing anything wrong.

One woman thought it was okay to tie a dog to her car and drag it along a busy street.

She was caught on camera and when police stopped her, she told them it was because there was no room in the car.


The woman was driving a tiny electric car along the busy streets of Liuzhou, south China, for about 20 minutes before she was stopped, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Shocked drivers had recorded and reported her as she was also posing a danger to others driving at just under 5 miles per hour, the article said.

Her male passenger was holding the leash of the exhausted dog and making it keep up with the car.

At one point the woman had stopped the car in the middle of the busy street because the dog had tripped.

According to a statement released by Liuzhou Traffic Police, the driver said there was no space in the car which is why they decided to “walk” the dog back home alongside the car.

The driver told police that the dog belonged to her friend, according to the Daily Mail article.

The dog was deemed unhurt and the woman was given two demerit points and fined a mere 100 yuan which is nearly $15.

China isn’t necessarily famous for its animal rights initiatives. Although most people in China are opposed to eating dog meat, dogs are still killed and eaten in the country far too often, with this festival in Yulin being the most hideous example.

Liuzhou Traffic Police/

What do you think about this woman’s punishment for doing this to a dog?

I hope that precious dog will find a new home and never have to deal with this idiotic person again. God Bless you precious doggy.

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