Dog thrown into dam by owners gets rescued by firefighters and finds a new home

It’s heartbreaking what some dogs go through at the hands of cruel owners, but thankfully there are also people willing to save them and give them a better life.

That was the story for one dog, who became trapped in a dam after being abandoned by his owners, until firefighters came to the rescue — and thankfully this dog now has a new family.

According to 5 News Online, the white dog was in the Lake Wister Dam in LeFlore County, standing on a concrete flat but surrounded by rushing water and in danger of being swept up by the current.

Madison Renee and her family were among the onlookers who arrived on the scene, worried about the dog but unable to get down to help her. “When we got there, there seemed to be no way to get down to her,” Madison told 5 News. “We all stood around and watched her try to adjust in the current hoping she wouldn’t be swept under.”

They also realized the poor dog was likely thrown over intentionally, as it was the only way the dog could’ve gotten into that spot.

But thankfully, help was soon on the way. Members of the Wister Fire Department volunteered to make a rescue. After requesting the dam be temporarily shut off, they arrived by boat and were able to reach the dog with a rope.

Volunteer firefighter Aaron Capell says the dog was “scared” and “skittish” when they arrived, but soon warmed up to them: “I talked to her and eventually, she let me pet her,” he told 5 News.

After the life-saving rescue, the dog, now named Grace, was taken to the Poteau Valley Humane Society.

Thankfully, the dog’s story soon found a happy ending. James and Paula Watson, from Charleston, Arkansas, saw the story on TV and immediately “fell in love” with Grace, according to an update from 5 News.

It turns out one of the couple’s rescue dogs had died just three weeks earlier, and seeing the abandoned dog on TV, they knew it was meant to be and they could give Grace a good home.

After visiting Grace at Poteau Valley Humane Society, they knew their love was for real and adopted her for good.

“There’s nothing like being hugged by a big dog,” Paula told 5 News. “If you’ve ever been hugged by a big dog, then you’ll know what I mean.”

“There’s a look that you get when that’s the right dog. And she has that look.”

We’re so glad Grace has found a new, loving home. She deserves it after all she’s been through.

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