Dog suddenly does running leap down stairs in funny viral video

If you own a dog, you know how unpredictable they can be sometimes. They’ll suddenly do something so unexplainably weird you just go “what?”

And if you’re lucky, sometimes you catch those moments on video so we can all share in the laughter. That’s the case for one viral video of a dog’s hilariously strange “trick” for getting down the stairs.

David & Catherine Figueroa Lewis are the owners of Tank, a bull terrier, who recently got into running around the staircase: “His new trick was running up and down the stairs,” the owners told Newsflare. “Our house is two-storey and we just don’t go up there much.”

So in September, Catherine was filming Tank, thinking he would run up and down like usual.

But after starting to run downstairs, he quickly ran back up, then down the hall… and then did something no one expected.

He took a gigantic running leap and barreled down the staircase:

“He was doing great. Then he just decided to go airborne for no reason!”

The video has gone super viral with over 14 million views on Facebook just since last Sunday. People just can’t stop watching it… you feel for the dog, but it’s just so ridiculously funny.

To be clear, Tank is totally fine, despite Catherine’s shout of concern at the end: “Y’all pray for our dog,” David’s caption reads. “Nothing is broken. He’s just stupid.”

But being stupid is also what makes him so relatable. We’ve all at some point given something all our effort only for it to backfire on us. We’re all that dog tumbling down the stairs.

“It happened so fast before I could even say his name,” Catherine wrote on Facebook. “Thankfully he is safe and running around like any other playful bull terrier.”

The couple adopted Tank from a bull terrier rescue group when he was four years old. The couple also owns another bull terrier.

“Tank is the one who rescued us!” Catherine wrote.

He’s become quite a star online, and the family has posted updates about their long-jumping dog. Catherine joked that he was “diving into the Christmas season.”

In case anyone is wondering how Tank is doing….. we’re diving into the Christmas season. Literally. 🤣🎄❄️ the dogs love their new festive Ellen Degeneres bandanas!

Posted by Catherine Figueroa Lewis on Sunday, December 8, 2019

And David wondered why Tank was so fearless leaping down the stairs but apparently afraid of tiny crabs:

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