Dog destroys owner’s passport right before her flight to Wuhan

When you start to plan for a trip does your dog sense something is up? Perhaps it’s not until you take out your suitcase that your four-legged friend starts to act a little more clingy, making it all that more difficult to leave them behind.

One owner recently encountered a major problem when they were getting ready for a trip from Taiwan to China. Their Golden Retriever, Kimi, chewed their passport.

A destroyed passport meant they couldn’t take their flight to Wuhan.

“I was very angry when I saw my passport torn,” Kimi’s owner told Bored Panda.

Kimi looked incredibly guilty about it. But was the dog aware that she just prevented her owner from traveling to the region where the coronavirus was rapidly spreading?

Probably not. And it was more than likely just a coincidence!

Although Kimi’s owner was initially less than thrilled with the Golden Retriever for tearing up the passport, she was grateful the setback stopped her from traveling to a region where many have fallen ill. Kimi’s owner was able to reunite with their family for the new year.

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