Dog spent years chained up outside abandoned building unable to rest her head

The majority of dogs enjoy a happy life with people who love them but there are some dogs whose owners think it’s perfectly acceptable to keep them chained up outside in all temperatures.

If the dog has an owner it can be hard to rescue those animals who spend most of their lives held captive without proper care and attention.

But neighbors of a property in Caqua, Venezuela, were so concerned about a guard dog the owner was keeping chained up, they called the police and a local animal rescue group.


Thankfully, rescuers showed up at the property to investigate.

There they found the dog with a chain so tight she couldn’t even rest her head. She was also without food and water and was covered in marks and scars from the chain which had been rubbing her neck.

The dog, called Libre, was given food and water and the chain was removed from her neck.


Libre endured months of treatment to ensure that she had fully recovered from her ordeal.

She was suffering from malnutrition and was psychologically scarred from being left outside the abandoned home for years without the care and attention she deserved.

Watch her recovery in the video below.

Despite everything Libre had suffered, she was still a friendly dog who trusted and loved humans.

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