Dog spent 4 years chained up in the bitter cold before some angels showed up

There is no doubt that dogs are the most loyal and loving animal companions for us humans.

Some people choose to have dogs to help protect them and guard their homes. But in many cases it is more effective to install an alarm.

Unfortunately when dogs are bought just for security they’re not always treated with the love they deserve.

This was the case with Diesel the dog. He was a big dog who lived in Yukon, Canada where his owner left him chained outside through summer and winter for four years.

His owners had grown tired of him and wouldn’t let him in the house, he was dying of the cold, had health problems and was vulnerable to attacks from other animals.

Diesel had to endure a life that no dog in the world deserves.

For four long years he was subjected to the bitter winter in Yukon where temperatures can dip as low as 40 below.


To tolerate the cold Diesel alternated which legs he put down to give his paws a break from the ice cold ground.


In addition to suffering the terrible cold he was also attacked by other animals. Other dogs took advantage of him because he was tied up and too weak to defend himself.

Once even a horse kicked him in the head, which broke most of his teeth and split his tongue.

The blood you can see on his shoulder was caused by a fight with another dog.

Thankfully help was at hand. When it looked like Diesel’s days were numbered Animal Advocates were asked to help.

The organization flew Diesel to a rehabilitation center in Vancouver where he was neutered, had a benign tumor removed and his jaw examined. Understandably, Diesel was afraid of people, but over time he began to trust them.

He underwent an intensive training program and his guardians made sure he was accustomed to humans, men in particular, and other animals.

At dog training camp he instantly made friends with a dog called Romeo, who had been rescued from a pound.

Find out more about the extensive work these animal lovers did to help Diesel recover from his traumatic experiences chained up.

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It gives me great joy to know that Diesel was saved from such a nightmare. A nightmare that no dog in the world should have to endure. 

The animal lovers who rescued Diesel are real heroes. Let’s help pay tribute to them by sharing this article.