Dog sees something is wrong with baby – creeps up and does the unbelievable

I’m sure you recognise the feeling. You’re sat on the sofa winding down… and your eyes suddenly get heavier and heavier.

The tiredness creeps up on you – and before you know it you’re lying there on the sofa snoring.

There isn’t much we can do to combat that sudden urge to nap, and there’s always a big downside: you never manage to grab a blanket in time, which means you wake up frozen and shivering a few hours later

Unless you have a thoughtful figure close by to help you out, that is.

In this clip, which has been seen over 6 million times on YouTube, we see a baby sleeping on a sofa.

But before mom or dad gets there to wrap the little cutie up in a blanket, another relative gets there first – the family’s dog!

It’s as though the dog understands that the baby will get cold, because sure enough the pup draws the blanket carefully over the baby.

Watch the adorable clip below – I promise it will make your heart melt!

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