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Dog freezes at scary man: Watch when he realizes who is hiding behind the beard

Sometimes we can’t help being separated from loved ones; maybe a job or a house move is the reason. It’s more and more common these days.

Fortunately, there are technical solutions such as Skype and FaceTime that makes it possible to keep in touch.

But, what about animals who are separated from their loved ones?

Everyone who has a dog knows how much they miss us when we’re gone. And every time we come home from being away they’re completely overjoyed.


Social media is full of wonderful clips showing soldiers surprise their children after being away in war. It is so good to see the genuine joy of the children when they finally see their beloved parent again.

But we sometimes forget that dogs feel exactly the same.

Now a wonderful clip is spreading across the internet of a soldier being reunited with his dog at an airport in Oregon.

ABC15 Arizona/Facebook

At first, the dog didn’t recognize his master as he sat there waiting. He looked very different to what he was used to and he wasn’t quire sure.

ABC15 Arizona/Facebook

As the man called the dog closer, he recognized the smell and sound of his master and slowly realized who he was.

After the penny finally drops the dog is overjoyed and starts licking his owner and getting overexcited. He gives him the biggest hug — in every sense.

His joy knows no bounds! Talk about a warm welcome!

ABC15 Arizona/Facebook

Those who witnessed the happy reunion in the airport couldn’t help but join in the joy; happiness is contagious.

See the wonderful reunion in the clip below. This is true love! Don’t forget to SHARE with your friends.

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