Dog saves kitten from death – 3 days later the unexpected happens

A mother’s love is one of the strongest forces in the world. You may not be a mother yourself, but most of us have at least experienced love from our own mother.

You don’t have to give birth to become a mother — you can be an adoptive mother. It’s the same for animals.

Even if you’re a dog and your adoptive “child” is a cat.

Animals don’t speak like humans, but they communicate in other ways.

They can also take care of each other, if necessary, regardless of species. Just like this dog…


One day, Patricia, a retiree, found an abandoned kitten in her barn.

The tiny kitten cried out, but because of the bitter cold in the barn, the kitten could hardly move. Then, Mittens, Patricia’s dog, came to the rescue.


Immediately, the dog started licking the kitten all over to help warm it up.

They brought the little kitten inisde to keep warm. 3 days later, something wonderful happened.


Mittens the dog had started to produce milk and was able to feed the kitten herself. The kitten survived and Mittens has taken care of it as her own since that day.

She has become a mother, not to a dog, but to a little kitten who thought that all hope was gone.


This touching story brings tears to my eyes.

Mittens’ motherly instincts helped her save a needy kitten that otherwise would not have survived on its own. As an “adoptive” parent, she is a wonderful mother.

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