Dog saves a stranger’s life during catastrophic flooding

Dogs are such great, loyal animals. We’ve seen so many stories of pets stepping up to help their owners when they were in danger and saving their lives.

A dog’s protective instincts are so powerful they’ll even step up to help a complete stranger. That was the case recently, when a dog saved a young man from drowning during a huge flood.

Humphreys County, Tennessee experienced historic, catastrophic flooding over the weekend that has left 22 people dead and 12 missing.

The flooding and home damaged caused many pets to get loose, and soon local shelters were overrun with lost animals, leaving them scrambling to find temporary foster homes, according to WZTV.

A dog named Cooper was one of the dislocated animals who ended up in a shelter โ€” and the man who brought him in had an incredible story to share: the dog had saved his life.

According to WTVF, the man was clinging to a pole after getting caught in the 17-inch rainfall when Cooper, a dog he had never seen before, swam through the flooding to be by his side.

With the dog providing extra support, he was able to hang on, and both man and dog survived the ordeal.

Facebook/Zaneta Warren

Cooper was brought to the Waverly Animal Clinic. His owners saw him on a post on social media, and when they claimed him, an employee relayed the story of their dog’s incredible heroics.

“He said this dog saved my life, he swam to me and made me hold on,” wrote Zaneta Warren on Facebook. She also said the man Cooper saved was autistic. “He held on to this baby too until the rescue boat got to them. He is such an awesome, well mannered dog, he deserves steaks and bacons!”

According to WTVF, heroic Cooper was soon reunited with his family.

What a great dog! Our thoughts are with the people of Tennessee who experienced such disastrous flooding, but we’re glad this man is safe thanks to this heroic dog.

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