Dog runs off from home, then shows up at her owner's workplace

Dog runs off from home, then shows up at her owner’s workplace

Our pets love us and always want to be by our side. They miss us when we’re gone, even if it’s just to go to work for a few hours.

Like one loyal dog, who ran off from home — only to surprise everyone by showing up at her owner’s workplace!

Liza Thayer is the loving owner of a dog named Indy. She works at an elderly housing facility called Kirtland Commons in Deep River, Connecticut, and would often bring Indy along to visit the residents.

“She loves it here, and all the residents adore her!” Liza told The Dodo.

And it turns out, Indy adored being there, too — so much so that she recently decided to go there all on her own.

According to WFSB, Liza’s dad was watching Indy on Sunday morning, but as he was preparing to take her for a walk, Indy ran off from home.

Liza’s dad was reportedly “frantic” and couldn’t find the dog anywhere. But it turned out, the dog wasn’t lost — in fact, the smart dog knew just where she was going.

Fifteen minutes after disappearing, Indy showed up at Liza’s workplace!

“The residents called me and I went to Kirtland and could not believe it was Indy, and had on her own found her way to work,” Joann Hourigan, executive director of Deep River Housing Authority told WFSB. “She’s incredibly smart.”

Facebook/Liza Thayer

Everyone at the housing facility was surprised to see the dog, mostly because they couldn’t believe that the dog had made her way across town all on her own — but also because Liza wasn’t at work that day: she was out of town at a wedding.

But of course, they knew and loved Indy from her previous visits, so they were happy to let her in and spend time with her and giving her treats until she could get picked up.

“We all love this special pup so very much and are grateful she made it safely,” Hourigan said. “The residents are in disbelief.”

When Liza heard about the whole incident, she couldn’t believe it: “I truly didn’t believe it!” she told The Dodo. “She takes the drive with me every day, but I never imagined she would do this.”

“The whole time I was just racking my brain, like ‘how did she get there? Which roads did she take?'” she told WFSB.  “I was like shocked… I assume that she went to go look for me.”

Facebook/Liza Thayer

It’s clear that Indy missed her owner a lot while she was out of town, and the loyal dog just wanted to spend time with her at work. Luckily, it wasn’t long until they were reunited once again.

“She’s just such a good dog and I’m very, very lucky, that’s how I feel,” Liza said.

It goes to show how much our pets love us and miss us when we’re not at home.

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