Dog runs off after car crash — runs to get help in an unexpected place

Dogs are such amazing, intelligent animals. They know when to go get help when people are in danger, and also have incredible senses of direction.

That’s what one smart dog proved recently: after being in a car crash with her owner, she ran to get help at one of his most trusted places…

Melissa Fickel, from Michigan, is the owner of a 3-year-old pitbull mix named Aries. Last month, she took her dog to the park to take advantage of some nice weather — but their nice day out soon turned into a nightmare.


According to WXYZ, Melissa’s car was hit at an intersection by another car, prompting Aries to run off.

“I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out, and as soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously she was out the window,” Melissa told WXYZ.

Dealing with both the accident and her runaway dog, Melissa feared she may never see Aries again — but the dog soon turned up in a familiar spot.

Employees at Hounds Town Metro Detroit, Aries’ doggy daycare, were surprised to see Aries show up at their business on her own. Security cam footage shows the the dog at the front entrance, waiting for someone to let her in.


It was apparent that Aries, spooked from the crash and sensing her owner was harmed, ran to get help in a familiar place. Even though Hounds Town was miles away from the scene of the crash, she was determined.

“Like, ‘This is where I go, and this is where I stay.’ She did seem like she knew what to do,” Hounds Town owner Travis Ogden told WXYZ.

He then contacted Melissa, still dealing with the police after the accident, who was very relieved to hear her smart dog was in a safe place.

And thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the car accident.

The story has gone viral, and many have said that it’s a big endorsement of this doggy daycare business that Aries trusted them the most after the car crash.

What an incredible, smart dog! Thank you for running to get help from your friends at doggy daycare — we’re so glad everyone is okay and reunited!

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