Dog runs after car that dumped him, not realizing he’s been abandoned

It’s truly heartbreaking how some people can abandon their pets so thoughtlessly. Recently, one poor dog was abandoned in the middle of the street — and in a truly heartbreaking sight, ran after the car that had just dumped him 😢💔

But thanks to some kind people, the sweet dog is now in better hands…

The dog, a Bull Terrier mix now named “Chico,” was reportedly pushed out of a black Lexus in Long Beach, California.

A bystander recorded the moment the poor dog chased after his heartless owner’s car, not understanding that he had been abandoned.

The bystander reportedly confronted the owner, telling her to pick up the dog, but she just “laughed and rolled up her windows.”

The video caught the attention of dog rescuer Destiny Gomez. “When I watched that video, it broke my heart,” she told NBC Los Angeles. “I could not stop crying. I could not keep the dog out of my mind.”

Learning that the dog was still on the loose, Destiny went looking for him. After a few unsuccessful searches, her boyfriend Kevin found the dog and was able to lure him using bits of jerky.

With Chico finally secure, the couple reached out to the local nonprofit Bella’s Animal Rescue, who took the dog in.

Chico is now up for adoption. In the meantime, he’s in the care of a loving foster. He’s going on walks, playing with toys and other dogs, and getting the love he had so clearly been denied in his previous situation.

It’s unbelievable that anyone would so heartlessly abandon such a loving dog like this, but we’re glad Chico is now in good hands and hope he finds a great forever home soon ❤️

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