Dog rescues monkey separated from mom by men and carries it to police station

We don’t deserve animals.

That rhetoric gets put around almost on a daily basis, because, well, it’s the truth. Each and every day we’re treated to fine examples of how special animals truly are, including the ways they often look out for each other.

Well, we’ve got today’s serving here and we think it’s one you’re going to absolutely love.

It involves a dog that rescued an abandoned baby monkey and carried it on its back all the way to the local police station in Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Sound like the premise for a great Disney movie? Yup, I thought so too, but we can assure you it’s very real.

The officer that found the pair was so moved by the scene that he decided to get involved himself, feeding the baby monkey bananas for nourishment.

Awadesh Dubey, in charge of Sagar’s Baleh Outpost, said: “I have never seen such a thing, seeing this example of help was a pleasant feeling.”

Reports speculate that the baby had been separated from its mother before being captured by a group of men who placed a chain around its neck. The dog found the baby near a lake and gave it a ride on its back until it found help.

What a brilliant example of animals helping each other out! That doggo deserves a reward, and we hope the monkey is rehabilitated and reintroduced to the wild.

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