Dog rescues baby calf nearly frozen to death — refuses to leave his side as he’s nursed back to health

Dogs are such caring and loving animals. We love hearing stories about dogs who stepped up to care for other animals, saving their lives with their kindness.

Like one story, of a Labrador Retriever who took in a baby cow who was in critical condition, and refused to leave his side as he was nursed back to health.

The story comes from a Reddit user known as Oakenboken, who shared that his pet yellow lab Bosko found a baby calf in their feedlot who was almost dead from hypothermia.


“His mother was to weak to care for him, and the cold and wet and nearly taken him,” the poster explained. “His nose was frozen stiff and his eyes looked dead, but he was breathing.. if barely.”

His mother and grandmother took the calf inside and covered him with blankets and heating pads in an effort to save his life. They also provided the cow with antibiotics.

Through it all, Bosko refused to leave the calf’s side.


Four hours later, the family got an inspiring sign as the baby cow began to move and his breathing became more regular.

When Bosko finally decided to go inside for some rest, the family’s other dog Duke came in and “took up the night shift,” keeping the cow company.

Over time, the calf’s condition continued to improve. By day three, he was “up and about” and eating with no problems. After a few weeks of bottle feeding, the calf was well enough to rejoin the rest of the cows.


The cow was named Zeke. While he was a little smaller than normal after his health scare, he was in solid health and described as “one of the friendliest cows you’ll find.”

On Reddit, the poster reassured readers that they weren’t going to eat the cow, and that Zeke had “become a mascot of sorts” and a sidekick to one of their bulls.


Zeke survived, all thanks to the sweet dog who rescued him from the rain. The owner says that Bosko was also a rescue, so it’s as if he’s paying it forward to another animal in need.

“He was a [rescue] case himself,” u/Oakenboken wrote. “Showed up near our front gate a few years back with his brother, Duke. Both were skin an bones, full of worms, and had chewed up ropes around their necks. We took em in and got em fixed up and back to good health. Now, they’re the co-kings of the castle.”


What an inspiring story! We’re so glad Zeke survived, thanks to these humans and caring dog Bosko!

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