Dog raises alarm about friend trapped in the harbor, leading to life-saving rescue just in time

Dogs are such smart, loyal and caring animals. They have an amazing ability to tell when someone is in distress and to get help.

That was the case recently, when a black Newfoundland dog led coast guard officers to rescue his friend struggling in the water.

According to a Facebook post, a local citizen at Douglas harbor in the Isle of Man noticed a black Newfoundland dog in distress, as if trying to get his attention.

Facebook/Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

Sensing the dog was trying to tell him something, he followed him towards the harbor, and discovered another dog, a retriever, struggling in the water.

The citizen contacted the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team, who quickly arrived on the scene to rescue the dog.

May be an image of 3 people, boat and text
Facebook/Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

They took a boat out onto the water, and saved him just in time: the dog was reportedly drifting away in the river’s flow and was about to submerge under the water. The coastguard wrote that he “was lucky to be saved.”

While it was the coastguard officers who did the saving, the Newfoundland was also a true life-saver, raising the alarm and getting attention before it was too late.

May be an image of 4 people, dog and text
Facebook/Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

The coastguard also thanked the member of the public who contacted them, saying they “undoubtedly saved the life of 1 very lucky dog.”

According to the Facebook post, the two dogs were reunited at the station. In an update, they announced the owner had been located and was going to pick them up.

What a smart dog! Thank you to everyone who rescued this beautiful retriever from the harbor before it was too late! ❤️

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