Dog pulled from rubble one month after Hurricane Dorian

It’s been one month since Hurricane Dorian destroyed parts of the Bahamas. Hundreds are still missing, but rescuers aren’t giving up yet.

Ever since the category 5 storm left dozens dead and caused many to flee their homes, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a rescue located in Florida, has been operating rescue missions to help those who might not be first one everyone’s list to be rescued.

The rescue has saved 138 dogs from the Bahamas.

Recently, the rescue set out on their twelfth mission. They searched through debris in Marsh Harbor and found a miracle. Using a drone, rescuers spotted a dog, who they named Miracle, trapped underneath air conditioners.

“What an incredible story that we were able to discover this dog alive after being trapped for so long,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and President Lauree Simmons said.

Rescuers also found another dog trapped alongside Miracle, but it was deceased. They estimated that the animals had been trapped for nearly a month and survived off rainwater.

Big Dog Ranch Rescues Dog Trapped in Rubble for over three weeks

Dramatic rescue of a dog burriend under an air conditioner for over three weeks.Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Posted by T.A. Walker on Friday, October 4, 2019

“It’s truly a miracle that he survived this long on his own,” Lauree said.

On Friday, Big Dog Ranch Rescue heard from their rescuers in the Bahamas. They needed a plane, immediately. Within hours a plane flew to the Bahamas, picked up Miracle, and flew him back to Florida where he received emergency treatment.

While Miracle still has a long road ahead of him, he’s currently getting the love and care he needs.

The rescue shared on their Instagram that Miracle is anemic, heart worm positive, weak, and cannot walk on his own.

Once he regains his strength and heals, Lauree said they will attempt to reunite him with his owners, like they have done with dozens of dogs they have already rescued from the Bahamas. If they are unable to locate his owners, he will be put up for adoption.

“I want everybody to know the crisis [in the Bahamas] is not over,” Lauree said.

And they don’t plan to leave anytime soon. They will continue to work with the Bahamas Humane Society to free up shelter space so new animals can have a home before Big Dog Ranch Rescue transports them to other shelters.

In addition to running 12 rescue missions, they have also delivered 1,200 pounds of animal and human food to the islands.

If you would like to donate to Miracle’s recovery, you can donate on their Facebook or their website. The rescue advises those who wish to donate specifically for Miracle’s recovery specify so in their donation.

This truly is a miracle! I’m so glad this poor puppy was found. I hope he continues to heal.

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