Dog owners get together for a dachshund parade to cheer up elderly neighbors

Dogs have an extraordinary ability to cheer people up when they’re feeling low. They’re a source of comfort and companionship to so many.

And it’s more important now than ever. The past few months have been filled with so much anxiety and isolation, and more and more people have been turning to pets for a little joy.

That’s what some kindhearted dog owners realized recently — and decided to use their beautiful pets to cheer up some old neighbors.

Lani Nguyen is the owner of a dachshund named Friday, and knows how much her outgoing little dog can make people smile.

“He’s intelligent, fearless, playful and walks proudly with a strut that turns heads,” Lani told The Dodo. “He’s the most gregarious little dachshund, making friends with everyone he meets.”

Knowing how much Friday brings joy to people’s lives, she wondered who could get the most out of the dog’s love.

After a discussion with her friend Jacqueline Bokor, she discovered that there were two senior citizens nearby who would love a visit — and who had a particular love for dachshunds.

Her friend told her about her 97-year-old neighbor Chris McCullough, who lost his own dachshund 14 years ago. “He’s had dachshunds all his life, and when he was 83 his last dachshund died,” Lani wrote on Instagram.

“Because he didn’t want to take the chance to adopt another puppy due to his own age and health concerns he never had another dachshund.”

And Lani had her own elderly neighbor, a 96-year-old woman named Carolyn Yorston: “[She’s] the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. When her last dachshund died, her neighbor knew she needed a companion, so she got her a cat – and she always wished it could have been another dachshund.”

So Lani decided to pay the senior citizens a visit… but she didn’t just bring her own dachshund along…

…she brought a whole parade!

Lani reached out to fellow dachshund owners on Facebook, and they agreed to show up with their dogs to the event.

Lani and Jacqueline decorated the street and got everyone together (complete with masks and proper social distancing, of course), leading a parade of precious wiener dogs to visit the elderly neighbors.

Naturally, they were delighted to see so many of their favorite dogs: Chris said it made him feel really good,” Chris’ wife Liz told The Dodo. “He got to hold a dog, which was wonderful because he can’t walk too far.

“They made a 97-year-old man very happy.”

So was Lani’s neighbor: “Carolyn said it brought her so much joy seeing all of the beautiful dachshunds on her lawn,” Lani said. “Her heart felt full that day.”

It goes to show the difference a visit from a dog can make in someone’s life, especially at a time like this.

“Amid a global pandemic which has forced isolation, he’s reminded us about the importance of community and human connection,” Lani said of her dog.

What a beautiful idea! Bless these dachshunds and their owners for taking the time to make these senior citizens so happy! Share this uplifting story!