Dog mom sets up spy camera while she’s away and discovers the saddest sight

Dogs really do love company, they’re never happier than when we’re spending time with them, giving them all the love.

But it’s not always possible to take them everywhere with us, and after a long stint home alone dog owners often return to all kinds of messes their dogs have done in protest.

One fur mom of two French bulldogs decided to set up a camera to find out what her pampered pooch got up to while she was out but never expected to record the saddest behavior she’d ever seen.


In the video she posted of her frenchie Haru, which has already been viewed by over one million people in just a few months, the dog owner said she had to take her other dog Griffin to the vet.

“Today Griffin had a checkup for his eye so I had to leave Haru at home for a short time. I was curious about what she would do home alone so I decided to record it on camera.

“I thought she would have done something mischievous or just take a nap, but I was not expecting this!”


The video shows the woman taking Griffin to his appointment and closing the door.

Haru looks completely bemused at being left behind and sits staring at the door. She then starts howling loudly hoping that it will alert them and they’ll return.

After she’s done howling she then mopes around the apartment and finally finds his way to the window where she just stares outside.


The lonely pooch then begins to howl again, perhaps the most heartbreaking cries I’ve ever heard.

More than 800 people have commented on the post with many saying they don’t really want to know what their pet does when they leave the house if it’s as heartbreaking as Haru’s behavior.

“If I knew my pet reacted this way every time I left home, I would never leave. Good Lord it would be awful,” one woman wrote, while another said: “When I hear my boy crying when I leave I have to run to the car and turn on the radio. Heartbreaking.”


Haru continued waiting for them by the window and takes occasional naps until 40 minutes later they finally come back home.

The excited dog runs to the door and stands up on her hind legs in excitement ready for them to return.

Her first thought is to sniff Griffin to check where he’s been and that he’s okay.


Then she turns her attention to her mom and jumps up to give all the kisses to. Her dog mom returns the love to Haru for being a good girl for 40 minutes; this was clearly before she watched the video footage.

Watch this sweet dog in action in the clip below and you can watch more adventures from these two adorable hounds on their YouTube page.

Our dogs would go everywhere with us given the choice but so many of us don’t have a choice but to leave our pets alone.

I don’t think I could handle knowing what my pets get up to while I’m out.

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