Dog miraculously survives after being tossed four blocks by a tornado

Some say cats have nine lives due to their ability to survive the seemingly impossible, but it was a dog who defied death this week, surviving after his kennel was thrown four blocks by a tornado.

According to a Facebook post by Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, a 1-year-old rottweiler named Zeus was relaxing in his kennel at his home in Elkhorn, Nebraska, when a tornado swept through the area, and reportedly flattened the house.

Zeus was swept up in the tornado, and his kennel was later found broken four blocks away, indicating that the poor dog was tossed a great distance.

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Facebook/Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, Inc

But two blocks away from the kennel, Zeus was found laying on a mattress, miraculously alive. It appeared that after the kennel was broken by the impact, Zeus escaped and tried to head home.

“We imagine Zeus then went searching for his home, where there was nothing left standing, and found a mattress, perhaps his owner’s, to rest on until he could be found,” Muddy Paws wrote.

They wrote that the dog owned his life to the protection of his “incredibly strong Alcatraz Brand kennel.” A Purina Pro Plan Representative reportedly purchased a new kennel for the family to replace the broken one.

Despite the ordeal, Zeus is in good spirits and relatively uninjured. He has been recovering at the vet.

“He lost some of the nails on his paw, he’s a little stiff on this hind leg and he had some scratches on his nose but from what he went through, he’s pretty darn lucky,” Stacey Smith of Bullies N Beyond Rescue told KMTV.

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Facebook/Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue, Inc

Zeus was soon reunited with his family, who lost their home in the tornado but are no doubt thrilled that their dog survived, against all odds.

What a miracle, we’re so glad Zeus survived being tossed four blocks by a tornado! Please share this unbelievable story if you love animals! ❤️