Dog left “traumatized” after being abandoned and tied to dumpster — now looking for a home

It’s truly heartbreaking to think anyone would abandon a dog, but some people truly treat their animals like garbage. That was the heartbreaking story for one dog, who was abandoned by being tied up to a dumpster.

The experience left him “traumatized” — but now he hopes to find a new home where he can finally be loved.

Tails Humane Society, a nonprofit shelter in DeKalb, Illinois, recently took in a 9-year-old mixed breed dog named Bane.

According to a Facebook post, Bane was abandoned by a previous owner who could not care for him, and was found tied up to a dumpster.

The shelter wrote that being abandoned left Bane “traumatized” and worried that he’ll “never have someone to love and care for [him] again.”

But Bane is now up for adoption, and Tails Humane Society is hoping he will rebound with a perfect, loving home. In a post they highlight his great qualities, describing him as a “chill guy” who loves going for walks and lounging around.

Bane is house-trained and crate-trained. He doesn’t get along well with other dogs, but is reportedly good with children. The staff wrote that he is “such a good boy” that he hangs out in the staff office at the shelter.

According to his adoption page, he is still available for an adoption price of $225. It also says that he needs dental work.

It’s heartbreaking that poor Bane was abandoned and tied to a dumpster, but we hope he finds a great new home soon!

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