Dog left heartbroken after being surrendered to shelter after 2 years: “He doesn’t understand where his person went”

It’s always heartbreaking when dogs are surrendered to shelters by their owners. These dogs are upended from the only home they’ve never known, confused about why they’re in these new surroundings without their familiar family.

That’s what one video shows, after a dog was surrendered by his family after 2 years — but beneath the heartbreak, there is hope.

Last month, a dog named Carlton was surrendered to Special Pals animal shelter in Houston, Texas, by the owners he had been with for 2 years.

Shelter director Becky French posted a video of the 2-year-old mixed breed dog on TikTok, showing Carlton’s heartbreak and confusion in his first day at the shelter.


“He doesn’t understand where his person went,” Becky wrote. “He kept returning to the spot his owner sat with him before leaving.”

The video also shows the dog refusing to take a treat or even look at the staff. he is scared. Confused,” Becky wrote. “This is what your dog goes through when they go back to a shelter.”

Despite the heartbreak, Becky wrote that they were able to “get some happy moments” out of the surrendered dog, and hope that he finds a new forever home soon.

“Don’t worry buddy. You are safe and will find a new home someday.”


Don’t worry buddy. You are safe and will find a new home someday #houston #rescue

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It’s always a rough transition, but there are signs that Carlton — now known as “Posty” is acclimating well to shelter life. In a follow-up video, Becky said that they learned he is “obsessed with balls,” and he can be seen happily playing with shelter staff.

Despite the heartbreak he went through, he has improved and is “a happy boy now,” Becky wrote.


Replying to @tarav714 He is still waiting for a home but he is a happy dog #houston #animalrescue #dogs #posty #update

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He is still up for adoption and waiting for a home — if you are interested in adopting, you can reach out to Special Pals via their adoption page.

Becky also shared an Amazon wish list for anyone who wants to buy an item for Carlton/Posty, which includes many of his favorite balls.

It’s heartbreaking to see this sweet dog surrendered to the shelter, suddenly losing the only home he’s ever known, but we hope that Carlton/Posty finds a great new home soon.

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