Dog left at railroad tracks waits for days for his owner to return

Dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners, but sadly that love isn’t always reciprocated. Too many dogs get abandoned by their owners, and heartbreakingly, dogs don’t seem to understand that they’ve been left behind — they still wait for their owners to come back for them.

That is the case for one poor dog, who was left at the train tracks and waited days for his owner to return.

Animal rescuer Suzette Hall received a call about a black Lab who had been seen wandering around the railroad tracks in Irvine, California. The dog had reportedly been dumped there by his former owner, and heartbreakingly seemed to be waiting in vain for them to return.

“They always wait when they’re dumped because they’re so loyal and they think that the person is coming back,” Suzette told The Dodo. “The gal who originally noticed him said it was like he would barely move until the train was almost there.”

Suzette feared for the dog’s life and safety — he was fending for himself with no access to food or water, and was in danger of being struck by a train. Arriving at the scene of the dog’s last known location, she was moved by the dog’s determination and resilience.

“There he was, like a soldier,” Suzette wrote on Facebook. “Acting tough in a rough life. Marching along the railroad, looking for food and shelter. Fighting for his life.”

She decided to name the dog “Soldier.” It was difficult to gain the dog’s trust, but soon she was able to lure him with a chicken and get him to safety.

Suzette took Soldier to the vet, and they started giving some much-needed care for the “filthy” dog. “It was hard to tell what was grime and what was coat,” Suzette wrote. “Under his front leg was a festering abrasion. Life on the tracks is dangerous.”

But the vet scrubbed him clean and treated his wound, and Soldier is now receiving daily topical meds.

Suzette wrote that he is now “decompressing,” and is now available for fostering or adoption.

“His dirty past was washed away and now Soldier is ready to let down his guard and be loved,” she wrote.

Soldier is at Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine, California. If you are interested in adopting or fostering you can reach out to Suzette at [email protected].

We hope this beautiful dog finds a home soon, one that will give him the love he deserves. Please share this story to spread the word.