Dog kept in solitary confinement, never touched by her owner because she’s too ‘yucky’

To keep a dog outside never allowing it any love or the proper care it needs has always baffled me.

For those who consider dogs as just a security measure may ask themselves how effective a dog can be at guarding when they are not looked after properly and become unhealthy.

Sarah the hound dog was just that; kept outside on a short chain and not allowed any human interaction.

Her owner, who failed to fulfill her duties as a dog owner and let her get into a terrible state, told animal rescuers she was too “yucky” to touch.



When Sarah was found she was in a sorry state, not just physically but mentally. As a dog kept in solitary confinement on a short chain she was starved of any human interaction.

Her owner, who had allowed her to get in this terrible state, told animal rescuers that she didn’t want to touch her.

“I think she wants me to touch her. But she’s yucky, and I don’t want to do that,” Sarah’s owner said, according to PETA.

Constant contact with people

When Sarah was rescued her life changed dramatically. She was cleaned, fed and held and soon became a dog that couldn’t get enough human interaction.

Animal rescuers PETA gave Sarah a second chance and said she was a dog that quickly bounced back.

“Now she wants to be in constant contact whenever anyone’s around and has a hard time not being in their lap,” Peta said in the clip below.

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A forever home was found for Sarah with a loving family who lived on a farm with their kids and another dog.

“Hound dogs are the just the most sweetest, gentle, wonderful family dogs,” said Sarah’s new owner. “I hope she enjoys all the new smells on the farm and the life of our children and her new doggy friend.”

Find out more about this sweet dog’s story in the clip below.

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It’s so wonderful how love can turn a life around, for both humans and animals. 

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