This dog is kept chained outside for 10 years, then the neighbors decide enough is enough

This dog is kept chained outside for 10 years – then the neighbors decide enough is enough.

To keep a dog chained up outside, never allowing it the comforts of your home, is a fate too many dogs have to endure.

We can try and understand why but it’s animal cruelty and completely unnecessary.

One dog endured 10 years of this cruel treatment, her owners called her Judas and even urinated on her, according to the neighbors.

By the time she was rescued she was weak, depressed, emaciated and had crippling arthritis; her treatment is unfathomable.

Neighbors had complained several times but still she remained with the people who were treating her so cruelly.

That was until Animal Advocates got involved.

Judas had no toys, no blanket and from the state of her hardly any food to live on during her ten years of hell.

When Animal Advocates rescued her she was so thankful to be with people who gave her some attention, her tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

She was checked out by a vet who discovered she had arthritis in her hips which was making it difficult for her walk.

What also limited her mobility was the amount of matted fur and feces attached to her coat; hers was one of the worst cases her rescuers had seen, according to the video below.

After removing the fur, giving her a much-needed bath, wrapping her in a blanket and giving her a warm place to sleep and a big bowl of food, Judas, who was renamed Judith, was a different dog.

She had the sweetest temperament, despite her terrible treatment, and played well with her new dog friends.

And when it was time to find a new home, Judith did not have a problem; a couple took one look at her and took her home immediately.

She even got a cart so she didn’t have to drag her back feet behind her.

Watch her incredible recovery in the clip below.

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It’s unthinkable to imagine what this poor dog went through. I’m so thankful the neighbors didn’t give up until she was rescued from her nightmare situation.

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