Dog hates having her nails cut, then dad cuts holes in a handbag and shares his genius tip

There are a few things that most dogs hate: going to the vet and going to a groomer.

Although a makeover tends to be less traumatic than a visit to the vet, it can still be scary for dogs to see a pair of scissors or a shaver.

One of the worst parts of the whole grooming experience? Getting their nails clipped.

Most dogs hate having their claws cut – and really, why should’t they? Big nail clippers against their sensitive claws is a scary thought. In addition, it’s always difficult to explain to dogs that everything will be fine.

And if they have one bad experience, it’s difficult to help them recover.

Kendal Peifer knows very well that her dog hates getting his nails cut. But then her dad came up with a smart trick, using just a handbag and a pair of pliers.

On February 10th 2018, Kendal posted two photos on Facebook of her dad cutting her dog’s nails. 

Within just two days her post had been shared 50 000 times and liked more than 209 000 times.


People were amazed that the dad’s smart trick worked so well.

Who would have thought that by snipping a couple of holes out of a handbag you can create a comfy dog harness for a home-salon experience.


When he had the bag all set up, he placed the dog in the harness and began to cut his nails.

Sure it looks a little funny – but it looks comfy, too!

Animal lovers everywhere were crazy about the dad’s smart plan.

“He even has a headlamp on, what a wonderful dad!” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all day,” wrote another person.

And a third person wrote, “Your dad is a genius!”

Wikimedia / Senior Airman Ashlee Galloway

According to owner Kendal, her dog was much calmer thanks to this method, and wasn’t bothered at all by having her nails cut.

It almost looks like the dog found it relaxing in the bag!

Can you believe that this dog was terrified of having his nails cut before this – what a difference!

Dads really can be geniuses!

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