Dog has the best reaction watching a scary scene from “Jurassic Park” — watch the viral video

Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is one of the best blockbusters of all time, and many of us can recall the thrill of seeing those dinosaurs on screen for the first time.

It turns out it’s not just humans who have such a strong response to the movie — just watch this viral video of a dog watching Jurassic Park and having the perfect reaction.

Meet Bosco, a rescue dog belonging to Zoe Ansary. Bosco is the star of his own TikTok page, and videos show that he is a very emotionally intuitive dog who is great with kids.

Many of the videos show Bosco reacting to different movies playing on the TV, and despite being a dog it’s like he’s really paying attention and responding to the films.

In one recent viral video, Bosco watches Jurassic Park, specifically the famously scare-inducing scene where a pack of velociraptors hunt the kids in the park’s kitchen.

Bosco gets up close to the TV, and whenever the raptor appears he barks, as if trying to protect the on-screen children from danger.


The video went viral, and many praised Bosco for seemingly being willing to take on a raptor. “I love how he was a little nervous but then he notices the tiny humans. He’s all, ‘MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN!!'” one person commented. “Love it!!”

“Doesn’t even know those kids and is ready to fight a dinosaur for them,” another wrote.

Watch the video below:

The video has gone viral, and currently has over 28 million views on TikTok.

It makes sense that Bosco would have such a protective reaction: he’s a loyal defender of Zoe’s young daughter, who first wanted to adopt Bosco.

“She saved him, and in return he will protect her until the end of his life,” Zoe wrote in a TikTok video.


My daughter truly rescued Bosco. She begged and pleaded me to keep him and give him a chance. Im so glad she did ❤️ #kidsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #rescuedog #goodboy #fyp #foryoupage #wholesome #wholesomecontent

♬ You and Me – Eldar Kedem

Bosco loves movies, and other TikToks show him invested in films like Lady & the Tramp and Frozen.

His favorite movie is The Lion King — and like so many of us, he had a particularly emotional response when Mufasa died:

Bosco isn’t the only dog who had a big reaction to the Jurassic dinos: a viral video from last year shows a different pup nervously watching a tense scene from one of the Jurassic World films:

It’s amazing how dogs seem to understand movies, and have such strong reaction to them! It’s always good to know that your dog is ready to take on a velociraptor 😂❤️

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