Dog has adorable interaction with the gopher popping up to see her

Dog has adorable interaction with the gopher popping up to see her

It’s always adorable to see dogs interact with other animals. They can be so gentle and kind even to creatures much smaller than they are.

Like one dog, who made a new friend with a gopher who popped up from the ground to say hello.

Meet Fiona, a Great Pyrenees dog who lives with her owner in San Francisco:

Fiona’s Instagram account says she is the “sweetest girl around.”

Her owner says that one of her favorite activities is going to the park and making new friends: “She thinks everyone wants to say hi to her,” the owner told The Dodo.

And some of her favorite new friends live underground. Fiona recently realized that there are gophers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Now, any time she visits she waits by the hole, waiting for one of them to pop up and say hello.

One of Fiona’s adorable interactions has gone viral.

In the video, Fiona watches with wonder as the little gopher pops its head out of the ground.

While you might expect a big dog like Fiona to be aggressive with small creatures, she is anything but. And the gopher seems to be just as curious about her.

With the little rodent going in and out of the hole, it almost looks like the two animals are playing a game of peek-a-boo.

It’s just one of the many adorable interactions Fiona has with the local gophers.

“She does it quite often,” the owner told The Dodo. “Their interactions are so gentle and sweet.”

Fiona just seems curious about other animals in general, big or small. In another Instagram video, she is seen trying to make friends with a deer.

It’s so precious to see a big gentle dog interacting with a small creature like that. Share this adorable story!