Dog freezes and refuses to move when called – alerts owner to somebody lying on the floor

If only our children were as obedient as our dogs. Dogs are the most intelligent animals and if you train your dog properly, they can be a huge help to you and your family.

But when Rob Jerry took his dog out on a cold St Patrick’s Day morning for a walk he was not impressed when she refused to move when he called her.

Thankfully he knew his dog well and suspected that something was wrong. Thanks to Sadie the dog, a potentially life-threatening situation was averted.

Rob took his beautiful Great Dane dog Sadie for her usual morning walk when his four-legged friend stopped at the end of the driveway and refused to move.

“I heard something but I thought it sounded more like a deer grunt and she’s just sitting there looking,” Rob told Michigan-based News 8.

“Then I listened for a couple of seconds and heard it wasn’t a grunt, it was a ‘help'”.

Sadie stelnade till och ignorerade husses rop.
Photo: YouTube

Rob realized it was a call for help and ran to where his dog was frozen still.

Then he saw his 89-year-old neighbor, Albert Larson, who had slipped on ice while collecting his morning newspaper.

Albert had been lying on the floor for at least an hour and told News 8 “I couldn’t move.”

He was rushed to hospital where he was treated for a broken hip and bruising to his shoulder.

Albert Larson togs om hand på sjukhuset efter olyckan.
Photo: YouTube

Albert’s wife was thankful for Sadie’s actions that morning as she couldn’t imagine life without him.

She was also thankful Albert was there to celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary.

Find out more about Sadie’s heroic actions in the clip below.

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