Dog found wandering alone with 30-pound chain digging into her neck

Dog found wandering alone with 30-pound chain digging into her neck

It was an upsetting sight for one animal lover when he stepped outside his home to find a dog wandering the neighborhood.

A security alarm triggered by a surveillance camera had alerted Robert Riojas to movement outside his Oklahoma home.

He stepped outside to see a pit bull dog wearing a heavy chain around her neck fastened so tightly that it was digging into her skin.


“I don’t see how anyone could be that cruel,” Robert told Oklahoma News 4 who added he believed the chain weighed around 30 pounds.

“It was huge, it was so aggressively tight on this dog that it was digging into her skin,” he said.

He gave her treats and to his surprise she proved to be the sweetest of dogs being friendly toward everyone that walked into the shelter where Robert took her.

“She was amazing, everyone that was walking in she was licking on them, getting close to them, being friendly,” he said.


Robert not only helped the dog get released from her cruel chain but is now campaigning to introduce a law to stop this treatment of animals and has reached out to his local state representative.

“This is not okay, this is not acceptable and if anyone does it again they face a penalty,” said State Representative Mickey Dollens.

“I was very surprised and alarmed to find how few laws there are…that’s no way to treat a pet,” he added.

This kind of treatment of animals should be banned, I can’t believe putting a chain this heavy and tight around a dog’s neck is allowed.

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