Dog found dumped after it was dyed purple and suffered allergic reaction

I’ve heard of a number of stories where irresponsible dog owners dye their dogs.

There will never be a good enough justification for putting harsh chemicals on a dog, it can cause them incredible pain and, in some cases, make them very sick.

One dog got very sick when his owner decided to dye his coat. But, instead of taking him for emergency treatment he was abandoned.


The puppy was left dumped in a wooded area struggling to breathe and covered in splashes of purple dye. He was also suffering with an eye infection.

It’s thought that the puppy had developed an allergic reaction to the dye and the owners got scared and dumped him.

Petfinder TV

But this powerful puppy proved to be a fighter and after emergency treatment and lots of attention he made a speedy recovery.

He was soon strong enough to go into a foster home and is now enjoying lots of love and an older, bigger dog sibling to play with.

Now that the little puppy is safe and sound, a loving forever home can be found for him.

Petfinder TV

Let’s hope that the person responsible for this cruelty is found and

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